From our family to yours!



Every sod order is cut fresh just for you, so that the grass is the freshest possible, and then delivered right
to your home, landscape project, or business. ​​

All deliveries are made throughout the night, from approximately 3:00 pm to 7:00 am to ensure freshness, especially in our hot summer months, so sod's available to install first thing in the morning.

Hydroseeding is primarily used for large areas, such as green belts, parks, retention basins, pastures, schools, and sports fields.

Premium Bermuda Seed, along with fertilizer, mulch, tacktifier are put in hydroseeding machine then spayed onto soil. A green "mat" covers the area, so you can readily see where mixture has been applied.

With hydroseeding, the seed along with mulch, fertilizer, and tactifier creates a perfect environment for the seed to grow. 

In winter months, hydroseeding can be done with winter rye grass. A great economical method for larger areas. 


Let our experienced installation crews install your sod. When we install your sod, we pre-fertilize your soil with a starter fertilizer, install sod, cut around borders and  sprinkler heads, remove sod scraps, and go over installed sod with lawn roller to give it that finishing touch.​​

Let us do the dirty work!


Stolons are sod cut from the farm, then put through a special shredding machine. With stolons you're getting all the roots, runners, rizones, all parts of the hybid-bermuda turf grass. 

When we plant stolons, we pre-fertilize the soil, put down the stolons, then lightly cover stolons with mulch, for optimum coverage. The area to be stolonized needs to be bare loose soil with a depth of about 1 to 2 inches.

Then water, water, water! In about 6 to 8 weeks you should have a newly sodded lawn. 
Stolons can only be grown during the hot summer months - June through August.

Stolonizing is the method used to start sod farms that use hybrid bermuda grasses. 

Stolons are available in Midiron, Tifway 419, and Tifgreen 328