Sod Installation

  • It's critical that before you begin to install your sod that all your sprinkler trenches haven been settled and your final grade is smooth, even and level.
  • Begin laying your sod along a straight line, sidewalk, curbing or driveway.
  • It's best to start in the back and work forwards, this reduces altering your grade.
  • When laying sod, it's like laying brick, you're staggering the seams.
  • Lay out the first row of sod, for the second row, cut the sod roll in half, then continue laying out the second row, for the third row leave the sod roll whole then continue laying out that row, for the fourth row, cut the sod roll in half then continue laying out that row.
  • When installing sod it's always important to keep the sod seams close together.
Don't water soil before installing sod, it can ruin your grade.

It's best to start with dry soil. When laying your sod, it's important to make sure the sod seams are close together, otherwise, you'll create gaps.

When sod is all laid out, lightly water (larger areas, you'll need to water intermittently), then go over newly laid sod with lawn roller, this removes air pockets, between sod and soil, allowing the sod to root in faster, which in turn, makes the sod healthier and stronger for the sod's root structure.

It's so important that your soil is raked into a final smooth even grade before installing your sod. If the grade is uneven to start with, it will still be uneven. Rolling your lawn after installing your sod on an uneven surface will not "magically" transform your yard into a nice smooth even lawn. Once the sod is down and rooted it's very difficult to level your lawn.


It's critical that right after all your sod has been installed and rolled that you saturate the lawn.

This is especially important during hot summer months. Follow our watering instructions under the Watering tab.

However, when it's really hot out, it really helps to thoroughly water lawn for the first 2 to 3 days, so sod doesn't go into shock.

It might turn a bluish-gray color, this is very common during summer months. If water is applied it will green back up.

Any questions on Sod Preparation, please call the sod experts at 480-926-9761